Jongere Reisgenoten gezocht!

Hello dear bike-friends!

I'm Dania, an 18 year old girl from Germany who does speak dutch fluently, but whose spelling mistakes make an english writing more appealing.
I have already ridden to Denmark and to France by myself and would now like do go on a trip for about 2 months somewhere between july and october. I am open to plans and destinations and would be happy to find at least two other bike-lovers who are rather on the younger side to join me! ;)

Write me when I caught your interest!

Hey Dania,

My name is Demian (male), I'm 19 years old and from the Netherlands. Last summer I had the plan to bike from Amsterdam to Rome (according to research it could take about 2 months) I've attempted to do this trip on my own, but about 8 days in I decided to stop because I didn't really enjoy doing it all alone. This year I really wanna do the trip with someone or some people! Since my friends are too lazy to bike for 2 months, I've been looking online for people around my age with the same interest. (Quite rough :D ) So I'm happy to have found your message.
ALSO! I don't mind changing the route at all!
I hope to read back from you :)

You should take a look at the facebook page, it's made for the younger cyclists: De Wereldfietser 18-35.
Hello Demian,

that sounds great! :) I like your idea of riding from Amsterdam to Rome and yeah, riding alone can suck sometimes… So, guys, you are very invited to message us if you are interested! I would really like to ride as a group of at least three people. So, Demian, I propose that if we find another rider, we can start getting to know each other and talk more about the plans.

I will also have a look at the facebook page, thats for the advice, ErikB81.

I hope to hear from you people to form a little group!


Really nice to see other young people doing this sort of thing! :)
I'm Hanna, I'm 19 and I'm going on a solo cycling trip through the Balkans and Greece this summer. I will be cycling for a month and 'm already leaving at the end of this month. That's probably a bit soon to plan for but you're totally welcome to join, maybe for a later part of the trip. Just hit me up if you're interested or just to talk gear and routes. I also cycled a big part of a route to Rome two years ago when I was cycling from the Netherlands to Slovenia so if you have questions let me know. :D
Hello everbody,

My name is Martijn and I also live in the Netherlands. I have had a group containing four people. We had plans for going to Rome. too bad some of the member quited. At this moment I am with a girl named Frederieke. both of us still want to go, but maybe with a new group.

Do you have room for two more?

we're both twenty years young.


Martijn R
Hey Dania, Martijn and Frederieke,

This all sounds great to me :D If it does to you too, I suggest that we make a whatsapp groupchat, so that we can start getting to know each other and share plans. I think that's easier than using e-mail or this forum. If everyone would send their phonenumber to me through private messages, I will create one.

I just grabbed my phone and intended to write you guys the exact same thing! :D
Expext to receive a message from me any second. ;)

And Hanna, thanks for your proposition too! We might write you when we have figured out a little more... :)
Hey all,

Has any of you send me a private message so far? Else the private message function is broken :cry:
(Edit: It's not broken :D )
Hello everybody,

Im ludo, 25 year young. Last year ive cycled to Rome in 30 days by myself, but next time I would like to cycle with a buddy. This summer im probably not going to cycle, but whenever someone wants to go somewhere write me an email or add me on Facebook :)
Fb: Ludo Marrink