Alee Denham visited our shop in 2018, and he said: 'a dream for bike travellers!'

And now he comes back and he will spent some days in Amsterdam.
On friday evening the 28th of June Alee Denham will tell you everything about his bike experience. He is currently on a 3 year cycling trip from Argentina to Alaska. You might know him from his website, this is where he shares his own stories but also tips about bicycles and cycling. Or you might have heard of the Koga Denham Bars. That is his design.

This evening he will give a short presentation about his experiences, how to travel by bike, the different locations he has been and a bit about the bike tech side. He will show a short film he made and after all this there will be plenty of time to ask him questions!

The shop opens at 19:00 and we start at 19:30. Oh, please let us know beforehand when you have very specific questions.

You can reserve your place here: ... sh-spoken/
Entrance if 5 euro which goes -of course- to Alee. There is a limited number of seats. Oh, and the language spoken this evening is English:-)