Rondje Utrecht 2 september

Dank u veel @Erik
Thank you very much@Erik v S
I take a look at the links.
These days I am busy following the -Transiberica bike Race- :
,a ultracycling race across Spain and Portugal, in the style of the Transconstinental in Europe, or the Trans AM in North America, it is self-supported bicycle race where every biker follow your ownroute to reach the finish, only exist the obligation to pass for the marked Check Points.Participants generally takes a racing bike ready to bikepaking and they are followed by a Traker GPS for the organization.It is very exciting to follow the Race,since bikers cycling the night and doing 300-400 or more kms. by day treating of doing the less time possible.
Maybe I open a topic in the forum about this Race.
It is possible to follow this Race here:
or ,
or in the Facebook of the ultracyclist italian Omar di Felice:

I think a big race event like the transiberica should be discussed in a seperate topic. Looks like a fun event to do and to follow, but it's got little to do with a cycle tour in and around Utrecht. I recall there being a topic about the transAM somewhere, possibly this forum a while ago, but not 100% sure, this isn't the only cycling forum I visit.
Yes , I have already open a Topic in the Europa Section of the Forum about this: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31985.

Thank you for the advice.
Is there some plan to organize some "rondje" in Utrecht, now or in the future...?

Or else, is there someone in Utrecht who rides his bike on weekends?? I usually cycling in the weekends, 80-100 kms mainly through the forests around Utrecht.
Hallo! Er is een plan om wat rondje te organiseren in Utrecht, nu of in de toekomst?

Of is er iemand in Utrecht die in het weekend fietst?? Ik fiets meestal in het weekend, 80-100 km vooral door de bossen rond Utrecht.