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Een van de mooiste stukjes techniek die Vittorio in de winkel heeft staan is toch wel deze Girardengo. De fiets heeft een Campagnolo schakel systeem uit 1948. De renner zet met hendel 1 zijn wiel los, met hendel 2 legt hij achteruittrappend de ketting naar een ander tandwiel en zet daarna met hendel 1 zijn wiel weer vast.
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Jon Williams of @drilliumrevival passed away unexpectedly yesterday and I’m still in shock. He was an incredibly talented machinist and an artist with every piece he modified. The concept of drillium was not just to save weight but to add to the aesthetics of the component as well as the complete bicycle. It was popular with road racing enthusiasts in the 70s and is used in modern times on many custom bikes.

Jon took drillium to a new level leaving his signature style on every piece he touched. I only met Jon a few times but felt an instant connection with him. We collaborated on several projects and it was always his work that made me push mine beyond my normal limits. He was fun to hang out with, a great conversationalist with a hilarious self-deprecating sense of humor, and he always had a positive attitude. I wish I had a photo of him instead of this chainring he modified but if he was here he’d probably make a joke about no one wanting to see his mug anyway. I’m going to miss him.

- Brian Chapman
The “Drillium” period of the early 1970’s inspired by parts on Eddy Merckx’s race bikes and the work of some talented machinists and racers Stateside was about the clever lightening and aesthetically pleasing modifications of racing components. The style of that period is what I am focused on at Drillium Revival.

I take my inspiration from skilled craftsmen like Frank Spivey, Peter Johnson, and Art Stump, as well as the small machine shops, and team mechanics in Italy, and the British TT racers, who whittled away at Campagnolo’s Nuovo Record bits hoping to shave a few grams or just have a “trick” piece for their ride that nobody else had. My goal is to turn out unique, stylish, modifications in a period style that does not go beyond the practical limits of the original parts (at least not too far beyond).

My own interest in restoring and collecting vintage racing bicycles of the 1960’s and 70’s era is what brought me to this work. Nuovo Record is my first love but I’m always up for working on other vintage and modern parts groups if I think there are viable modifications that can be made.

Whether you are restoring a 70’s-80’s racer or want to try and do something cool for a modern custom I will do my best produce a piece worthy of your project.

Please visit my Flickr gallery for examples of my work. https://www.flickr.com/photos/54616231@N04/sets/

-Jon Williams
Wow: bike SPAM.
Het forum heeft blijkbaar een of ander spam filter want ik had het Engelse woord voor porno gebruikt. Even kijken of het Nederlandse woord erdoor komt.
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Toggle joint brake in motion

I’m not going to lie, it’s a weird looking brake. I’m thankful that Charlie Cunningham developed the lever link brake so long ago. People wanted to see how the mechanism worked so here is a video. The braking power is substantial to say the least. This is just the first iteration and some details will change. I’m pleased with the extra wide opening with the quick release. FYI These will never going to production and setting them up was a bear to say the least. Just a fun project that I might put on a bike that I make one day.

- Brian Chapman
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While at the recent Bespoked Bike Show in Bristol, we were lucky enough to get to chat with one of the biggest legends of cycling tech, Chris King! Find out his opinions on freehub noise, getting started in the industry, and bottom bracket standards.
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Het forum heeft blijkbaar een of ander spam filter want ik had het Engelse woord voor porno gebruikt. Even kijken of het Nederlandse woord erdoor komt.
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Haha...je moet het denk ik als 1 woord schrijven: bikeporn...

edit: Ja dus! :lol:

Geen framebuilder, maar mooi om een vakman te zien. Op het kanaal staat meer leuks.
Ik begreep dat de oude hoge flens track naven van DA 7600 en Suntour Superbe Pro werden gemaakt middels metal spinning, waar de meeste andere gefreesd of gesmeed worden.
Dit vind ik toch ook wel heel mooie frames hoor:

https://windcycleworks.nl/post/19054761 ... n-allround

Bart van Wind Cycleworks uit Goes is een echte liefhebber dat zie je zo. Ik heb er eens naar gekeken en als je ziet hoe verschrikkelijk mooi de lassen zijn afgewerkt. Lassen, filet brazing en daarna slijpen... prachtig! En ook hier weer totaal maatwerk. Ik zag tot nu toe vooral stalen racefietsen en mountainbikes en wat specials bij hem. Nu ook deze fiets.
Ja meer mooie frames, please. Dit is zo'n leuk draadje.
Deze van Project12 mag er ook wel bij :)

Jaa! Die WiND! Fantastisch stukje vakwerk dat frame. Met deze fiets kan je een tocht maken, zeg!

Ik heb mijn frame weer terug uit Goes met nieuwe vork en ‘in house’-coating.
M-gineering - Kiel Windeweer
(mag hier toch niet ontbreken?)

Lester Cycles - Amsterdam