Inspirational bicycle travel photos

We’ve re-started our bicycle touring Guest Photography series and this month are featuring Cycling Cindy.

Cinderella Servranckx is a former food photographer. She’s been on the road now for a number of years and her new photography specialty is shooting original selfies.

Cindy writes:

When you follow my blog, you may have wondered whether I feel like a movie star? Or perhaps whether I think of myself as a terrific beautiful 45 years young? Or maybe you think I reached a delayed midlife crisis and feel like a 15 years old again? None of it. I like being my own model, as this cost me no effort. I am not shy in front of my own camera, but maybe that is because I was a photographer, albeit of food.

But sometimes, I do get wildly enthusiastic from the natural surrounding I am in, and great poses spring up from my mind.

What I try to conceive is my mood. I can take many photo’s of, for example, an endless stretch of road, but it doesn’t show the total picture, the hardship or happiness of it. With myself, I try to bring the mood to the one who is seeing the photo, including myself.

With my blog I try to inspire people to follow their dreams. To travel in a self-propelled mode (no airplanes!), to overcome fear and leave the comfort zone, to be out in nature: because true happiness lays here. And to love thyself, and make a selfie or two a day.

Stay tuned, more -vanity speaks- super original selfies will follow in due time…

Cindy’s Guest Photography article, blog and Instagram page.

In the past, we have featured more Dutch photographers such as Kees Swart and Willem Megens.
Bij het woord "selfies" haak ik al af, sorry.

Toch ff de Instagram gechecked en het zijn idd vooral selfies (wel regelmatig met wat humor).
You’re right, selfies aren’t for everyone.

You might want to check out the cycling photographer that we portrayed just before Cindy, Nicolas Marino. Nicolas just placed his new website online and it’s gorgeous.
Cindy doesn't only make selfies. Her blog is well written and contains lots of interesting pictures.
I can fully recommend reading it.
Her blog is well written and contains lots of interesting pictures. I can fully recommend reading it.
That’s certainly true! I especially enjoyed her article Africa A to Z.