Lars Goes Australia's

Congratulations .. and celebrations ... lalala lala la la laaaaa.

Hier klaarde het vanmiddag geweldig op dus in het zonnetje nog een dikke drie uur wegtrapt.... tis dan wel geen 30 graden, maar vooruit :)

Douglas hotsprings is ruim 30 km vande weg af bij Hays Creek zag ik via google, :cry:
maar als je hotsprings nothern of zo googled zie je dat er nog meer zijn...
maar waarschijnlijk te dichtbij Darwin....

Hi Lars,
The spirit is back... GO FOR IT!!!!!!
Groet, Rena :wink:


Hoi Roald, Rena, thanks !
G'day !

That's how long it took me to get here, 9 months and 11 days, quite amazing huh ?!?
Cycling out of Darwin in light rain, which wasn't a surprise, its the wet season you know.
After 34 km a gasstation and a store where I could eat my bread, sitting dry.
Hang my 1 dollar raincoat up to dry and when I left I forgot it, because it was dry !
4 km further I noticed but I didn't want to go back, maybe, maybe I thought, maybe its a sign... Maybe it stays dry the rest of the day and guess what ?

O no, first have to tell you that 2 km later I saw my first kangeroo, actually it was a small one, a walibi. But great it was !

The wheater, wenn I looked for a campsite after 100 + km it started to rain lightly and only for a minute or so. So when I made camp 2 km later it was dry !
At night some rain but in the morning dry again !
So happy I cycled that day 104 km and ....
Saw my first kangeroo's, 3 of them !
The people are nice, I love the ' no worries mate ' , I really do !
For many years I looked forward to visit this great continent and now I am here !!!!
Temperature are also great, 35 +
And the flies ? Not that great but not ( yet? ) as many as I thought altough they try to give me a hard time. When I am cycling up a hill and slowing down here they come ...
Bzzzz in my ear, trying to crawl in my nose, mouth, ears ...But a little waving with my handkerchief gets the away, for 1/5 of a second ;-)
I know I scare them, threathen them to kill them. They know I know. I know they know I know, you know ? :-)

But when I reach the top of the hill I do my little trick, I speed up, going downhill 30 km an hour, wave around me with my handkerchief like a madman, chasing the flies away. Speed up a little more and then I loose them bastards haha.

But you know what, I do not know where the put their little walkie talkies, I mean they have to have walkie talkies, how else they can warn their buddies on that next hill, miles away ?

' Yo George, come in please '
' George here, what's up ? '
' There is a whiteman coming your way, on a bicycle, you get him for us? '
' Yeah, Roger '
' No its Floris '

Hahaha, Floris the Fly ;-)

Anyway, tomorrow going to try to reach Tennant Creek in 6 days, covering 660 km of long, hot australia but you know what ? I am going to love each meter of it !

No worries mate, I am loving it !!!



Ha die lars!

Negen maanden, best vlot! Fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt.
Ik kan het me best voorstellen naar negen maanden in niet westerse landen.

Hoe is het met je T-shirt???

Groeten, John.

lars de wit schreef: O no, first have to tell you that 2 km later I saw my first kangeroo, actually it was a small one, a walibi. But great it was !
Je eerste kangoeroe: een levende! Je hebt heel veel geluk gehad. Bij mij waren de eerste paar dood!
lars de wit schreef: And the flies ? I speed up, going downhill 30 km an hour, wave around me with my handkerchief like a madman, chasing the flies away. Speed up a little more and then I loose them bastards haha.
Inderdaad, ik had dezelfde ervaring. Bij snelheden boven ongeveer 25 km/u verdwenen de vliegen.
lars de wit schreef: But you know what, I do not know where the put their little walkie talkies, I mean they have to have walkie talkies, how else they can warn their buddies on that next hill, miles away ?
Walkie talkies? Ik weet het niet. Ik had altijd het idee dat de vliegen - zodra mijn snelheid te hoog werd - mee gingen reizen op mijn bagagedrager. Zodra mijn snelheid weer afzakte waren ze er nog steeds.


Heimwee? Hier in NL hebben we Larswee ;-)
Zou gaaf zijn als je bij de Hemelvaarttrektocht bent!

Veel plezier nog Daar Onder (hoe is dat nou, op z'n kop fietsen? ;-)

G'day !

18-01-08 , Stuart Highway, 190 south of Katherine. 09.30 hr and 40 degrees allready !
But today I was prepared, meaning : Getting up in the middle of the night at 03.30 am.
Cycling at 05.00 hrs in the dark. 05.30 the horizon in the west turns lighter and lighter, changing colours every 15 minutes, great ! Sunrise at 06.45 hr. From that time its getting hotter and hotter by the minute.
But I am doing also the trick with wet socks again meaning : I have two black socks, wet them with water and cover my bottles with them. The sun heats the water, to vaporize the water needs energie, warmth, and extracts this warmth from the water in the bottles : cooling the water ! It works perfect, bring down the water temp by 20 or 30 degrees easily !
So in stead of 60 degrees maybe 30 degrees, pretty cool in my warm mouth !

One day I almost hit a kangeroo in the dark, he or she was standing on the middle of the road and just stared at me ... wenn I almost hit him he ran away ! Great !

So I am doing more then fine I may say, I made it in 6 days from Katherine to Tennant Creek. One day I saw 50 degrees on my thermometer again ...
But because I start so early I also stop early, 12.00 or 12.30 hr. Looking for a big tree with lots af shadow where I can put my tent for the rest of the day and night. The flies are multiplied by a 100 ... A couple of days ago there were only a few, now there are sometimes hundreds .... See me sitting in my tent, waving my ' vliegenmepper ' around my ears, almost constantly ... Thats how I am spending my afternoons right here in the outback of Australia.

That day it was so bad that I closed my tent. Meaning much hotter. I ate my dinner, peas soup, erwtensoep , at a temperature of 44 degrees ;-) But after a long day of cycling it tasted so good ...

One friend of me asked how I liked the emptiness of Australia.
Well, I can tell you I love it !
Cycling on this highway, maybe 4 cars an hour passing by.
Feeling alone, all by myself.
But not lonely, o no !
I feel great, strong also.
I love it here in the outback and it's only getting drier and drier, hotter and hotter.
But also more beautifull, less trees and more desert and rocks.

On my way to the greatest and maybe most famous rock in the world, The Rock.
Ayers Rock.

But first Alice Springs, 504 km away, so 5 days cycling I hope.

Warm, no make that hot greetings from the outback !

Alice !

That's where I am now.
Alice Springs.
1500 km riding through bush, desert, nothing ...
And it was great !
Getting used at my alarmclock at 03.30 in the morning, make that night :-)
And the a 100 km of cycling in the lonelyness, with only the sound of my tyres, marathon XR, and some birds now and then. But most of the time also nothing, no sounds ...
It is so peacefull, I really love it !
Just me and my bike, in the middle of nowhere.

Spoken of the middle, I am !
In the middle of Australia.

O, the other day I also saw a group of dingo's, the wild dogs of Australia.
Well, with my stick with me they didn't scare me hahaha.
They just ran away in the bush, scared to see that crazy man on his bicycle, what's he doing here ?
That question is also asked by fellow travellers who saw me on the road, they in the greyhound bus, me on my bike. And when I tell my story, especially where I came from, Istanbul, Turkey they shake their heads and mumble : unbelievable ... And they want to shake my hands ! So, it's is very easy to make new friends. Just jump on a bicycle and do some world cycling ;-)
For me it is normal, after almost 10 months I do not now better.
But still enjoing, and a lot I may say !

Tomorrow a resting day and then ...
On my way to Ayers Rock, one of the highlights of my trip !
450 km away, so a day or 4, maybe 5 depending on water supplies and campsites.

By the way, ever tried to eat snickers candy bar at a temperature of 44 dergrees ?
No ? Keep it that way ;-)

See ya all, soon.

G'day mates !

Leaving Alice Springs for a 450 km bike ride to Ayers Rock with a great feeling...

Almost there, in the middle of Australia, Ayers Rock !!!

One of the highlights of my trip !

With a strong tail wind I reached my first stop, campsite 42, Finke River rest area.

126 km south of Alice Springs and the campsite was for free !

And with a lovely vieuw on surrounding hills, the dry Finke River, the blue sky and some great white clouds, a perfect site !

When I was relaxing in my tent the first car showed up, asking if I needed some water.

' No, I'm fine ' I said, ' thank you ' but how nice of these people to ask huh ?

Second car the same !

Third car brought a man who stopped for a smoke, and a chat.

We had a nice conversation and when he left he gave me an atlas with all australia's campsites. A really informative atlas with info where the campsites are located and the facilities such as if there is water, not unimportant in the desert ;-)

And he gave it to me, for free !

Verry happy I was with it and couldn't thank him enough.

Next stop was a camper with travelers returning to Alice and the guide asked me if I liked cheese. ' Well, yeah, very much ' I said and he came back with a sack full of : tomatoes, cookies, beef, cheese and a huge cold watermellon ! Stunned I mumbled ' thank you, thank you very much sir ! ' All for free !!!

An hour went on before the next car stopped. The driver a verry funny local, his arms black as an aboriginal, his belly as white as the clouds. Haha, he called himself a black and whitie and had a verry funny way of talking; each line with at least one " fucking " and " cunts " in it. He gave me a good tip of how to make a nice camp : making a fire and put some fucking horse shit or cow shit on it, chasing the muskitoes and flies away, those fucking little cunts as he said hahaha. had a great laugh with him and when he left he held a can of beer out of the window, if I liked one ? He gave me 2, 2 cold beers in the middle of the desert, temp around 40 degrees...a gift from God and ....for free !!!

So I made it in some great rides to

to be continued ...
... sorry computer logged me off after a free half hour of internet ...

I cycled in 4 days to Yulara, Ayers Rock resort which is an axpesive place I allready knew.
So, I looked for the campground, passed the office and found a very nice spot, under some trees and yeah, for free ...
Later that evening, watching sunset over Ayers Rock two other tourists showed up and gave me an entrace ticket for the Uluru and The Olga's National Park, woth 25 $ and still good for 2 day's, exactle what I needed ! For free !!!

Next day I visited the Olga's first, a 50 km bike ride.
The Olga's where great, huge round rocks, even higher then Uluru !
because I was suddenly very tired and had to cycle the 50 back facing a strong head wind I decided to try to get a lift back in which I succeeded, riding back in a touring bus full of other tourists was fun and, for free !
That evening I went out for a drink, a nice cold glass of white wine.
Now, there was this little salad bar which was for free if you also bought some other food.
I allready had eaten but knowing me, could eat some more so I grabbed a ( used ) plate from underneat the salad bar and filled my plate, yeah, for free hi hi.
But when I returned my almost finished wine glass was gone !
I walked to the waitress and said : ' Excuse me, did you took my glass of wine ? '
Yes she said, I saw nobody sitting there but wait, I'll bring you another glass.
And so she did, filled to the top, for free !

Next day I visited Ayers Rock which was really nice. Cycled all around it and took many pictures, ofcourse not from the forbidden, sacret sites.
That night my bus back to alice should pick me up at 19.30.
20.00 and still no bus. 20.10 and I went inside the hotel where the bus should pick me up.
Many phone calls later learned that something went wrong with my booking and the bus indeed didn't pick me up. Now, the nice and helpfull lady of the buscompany booked me for the day after and they paid for my accomodation that night, sleeping in a nice airconditioned dorm room, for free.
So the next day I spend swimming in the pool, eating, reading my book.
Even had some sex with myself under the shower, for free !

Next evening, night, I was back in Alice and went back to the hostel, slept for a few hours, for free, before another bus picked me up.
Yeah, I decided NOT to cycle the Plenty Highway because of many reasons : A very difficult track, dirtroad with almost no water. And, with a big rain chance which meant, stuck on the road, not possible to cycle. Also I wast a little tired of the heat, looked forward to some normal temperatures, belof 40 and even belof 30 !
So I decide to treat myself a little bit and took a little bus tour to Adelaide where I am now.

Nice cool here !

Tomorrow I will cycle on, first Barossa Valley and then to Melbourne !

Looking forward to it !

G'day !

So,I don't know what to type...
What can I say,that I left Adelaide and cycled first to the Barossa Valley ( vineyards)?
That the temperatures are so nice, first evening I had to wear my sweater again, since months ! And in the morning it is so nice cold( 10 degrees ),I love it !
Or that I cycled 8 days from Adelaide to Port Fairy, facing headwinds most of the time ?
That I am glad I took the bus from Alice to Adelaide, giving me 2 weeks so that I made a new plan, to cycle Tasmania as well ?
That nobody named a place for the 21000km question ?
Of which I am glad to because I changed my route dramatically.

No, better say nothing.

See you when I am in Melbourne,I hope with a GOOD story that time ;-)

see ya !
G'day !

Port Fairy was really a very nice place at the ocean, compared with Melbourne where I am right now... I definately can say that I am not used anymore to big cities, all the traffic and people. But I think it's a nice city, just arrived so cannot say to much.
I can say something about the last couple of days, which I will :-)

The first day cycling out of Port Fairy was great !
The wind sometimes in the back and nice hot, 36 degrees.
And I found this amazing campsite, actually it wasn't a acmpsite but I decided to put my tent there. Where I hear you asking, well, in front of me the great ocean. Me camping on this 70 m high cliff, 30 cm from where the earth went down like 45 degrees for a meter or 2 and then 90 degrees or more ( couldn't see it ) steep down, to where the very big waves hit this cliff. Just enough space to get a foot out of my tent ! And the vieuw, amazing !!! This big maybe 100 meter rock in the ocean and the sound of the waves, really, one of my greatest camsites ever ! So good that I had this scary dream that the earth was crumbling away, just in front of my tent and a little bit under my tent as well so that I had to evacuate immediately. Good that it was only a dream ;-)

The day after I found another spot near the ocean, same level this time and with bushes all around me so that nobody could see me. Next morning some rain so I decided to stay there the rest of the day but in the afternoon my big jellow friend returned and I packed my bags and decided to cycle the most beatifull part of the Great Ocean Road, in sunshine !

That day saw Koala's in the trees, very nice animals and not scared at all, one crazy italian girl even petted them. Well, crazy, in Thailand I petted a tiger so who is crazy huh hahaha.
That night it was a little hard to find a place to sleep but after some time I found this little sandy beach, pretty narrow as well. I looked at the waves, where they had hit the sand and decidede that I was just out of the waterline.
That night I woke up and the waves were only 3 meters from my tent....
for 15 minutes I gave it a look but they didn't come closer, lucky for me cause there was no way to go...behind me a stone wall, 20 meters high... But again, I was lucky again !

So now in Melbourne, tomorrow will buy a ferry ticket to tasmania I hope !

have to go now, see ya !!!
G'day !!!

Melbourne is really a great city, old houses and churches next to modern skyscrapers, amazing ! Really liked it !

That saturday I bought a new tyre, they sell Marathon XR here in Australia, great !!! Only 70 dollar :-(
Fixing the new tyre I found out that my rim was severly broken, o no ....
With my ferry leaving the next morning I ran into the city, looking for a bike shop to repair my wheel, and, I found one ! So two hours later I was happy again, not for long though ...

Next morning when I cycled to the ferry my freewheel wasn't working anymore...
No time to go back and get it fixed I cycled the 5 km to the ferry.

On the ferry, better said on sea I met Tasmanian devil nr 1 : hugh waves 6 a 7 meters high hit the ship, all the way to my stomach. O boy I was so sea sick ... And that for 9 hours ...
But after I spit everything out I was able to get some sleep.

I camped that night somewhere near the ferry terminal and next morning had to look for bike shop nr 2.
Where I met Tasmanian devil nr 2 ... an older man who tried to fix my bicycle ...

It turned out to be a nightmare, dropping my ballbearings on the floor, not using proper tools, not knowing what to do and finally I had to go to another shop with my backwheel and the axe loose in a plastic bag, the poor man didn't know anymore how and in which order to put the bearings, cups and all the screws back....and I didn't eather !!!

So I went to this other shop where they sort of fixed my wheel but not a 100 % correct, saying something liked I needed an new axel because this one did't fit ?!? I completely did't understand, we used the same axel .... But after 6, yes, SIX hours I only asked : " can I cycle on this wheel to Hobart and then to Sydney, that's all I want right now ..." And they said I could. But back in the first bicycle shop I found out that my wheel didn't fix proper and I had to unscrew my rear disc brake otherwise the wheel wouldn't move round... So I did, desperate to cycle ...
Which I did after this horrible morning ...

But, Tasmania is great !
Heavy mountains though, day 2 and 3 I made every day 1750 altitude meters !!!
And cold it was also, one day I had ice on my tent in the morning !
That day it was 6 a 7 degrees and I even saw some wet snow !!!

Now in Hobart, tomorrow to Port Arthur and then north again, to Davenport where I have to take the ferry back to melbourne :-(
I hope the weather isn't as bad as on the way over here !

See ya !
G'day ya all !!!

Leaving Hobart, lovely situated at the river with mount Wellington behind it, I rode to Port Arthur. My campsite that evening was again a beauty .... again high above on a cliff, this time I think a 100 meters above the ocean.A steep, vertical cliff 2 meters this time from my tent and the vieuw....amazing !!!!
Next day to Port Arthur for which you had to pay 25$, I read in my Lonely Planet.
Now, when I eneterd the entrance I saw there was a lookout, just left from the gate so I went to see what Port Arthur looked like before paying 25 $. And then I saw this path, going down this little hill, over a 1 meter high fence and in you were !!!
That easy ! So I parked my bike and went down this hill, looked around and had a great time ;-)

Cycling up north this time along the eastcoast of Tasmania where are some stunning beaches and believe it or not, on one of the most beautifull I camped.
I only had to climb 30 meters down a steep rocky hill and that 3 times, 1 tome for my bike, second and third with all my luggage but there I was, this little lagoon, maybe a couple of hundred meters wide and so nice....the ocean so blue ! That night I made a nice campfire and thought about bbq-ing marsmellows, that would be nice but I had none so instead I roasted some bread, I did it many times wwhen I was a kid, ' fikkie stoken en brood roosteren, haha, hoe zwarter hoe beter ! ' So I had a great night and the waves came not closer then 10 meters this time ;-)
Next day I bought a sack of marsmellows ...
2 nights later again on a beach but with a strong wind, no campfire that night and the waves ? 6 meters from my tent, also not too bad hi hi.

Next day I left the sea to go inland again and that day my stick was confiscated by the police...What happened, in a nutshell cause its a long story : I cycled along this house, a dog came running to me so I shouted at him to bugger off,to a upcoming car I made the slow down signal. The shouting didn't help and the dog ran behind me closing on my left so I stopped, pulled my stick and yelled even harderr at the dog which scared him off, the dog ran away, in front of that car, the car didn't stop which I will never understand why not but rode over the dog which was not nice to see, leaving the dog bleading and lying still on the road. Screaming people from the house and they started to load the dog into their car to take him to a doctor. So me and the car drove away, a last wave to eachother. 20 minutes later when was eating some bread along the same road a car drove by, very hard, made with smoking tyres a U turn, raced towards me, braked with blocked wheels, jumped out, grabbed an iron stick and started yelling at me that I killed his dog and many more things, mostly cursing. He kept on coming at me and I backed of, furter and furter telling him to calm down and tried to explain that his dog actually attacked me and I only defended myself but he wouldn't listen, kept on cursing and in between called the police, with which I was very happy. at least he wasn't going to smash my brains with that ugly iron stick ! So the police came, heared 2 stories, believed mine more ( there was some history with this man ... ) , asked me in between where my helmet was but I was telling what happened so I said : ' Lets concentrate on this story, okay ? ' and he didn't argue hi hi and after my statement I could cycle on, without my stick though, confiscated as a weapon. I told the nice officer one of the first things I would do is find me a new one couse I really did't want to ride without, telling him that it allready saved my I do not know what in eastern turkey.

So with a strange feeling I rode on ...
1 km further found me another nice wooden stick.
That afternoon found again one off the most beautifull campsites on earth ...
Situated in this lovely valley, covered with yellow long grass, some trees and a vieuw on Mt Barrow in the distance...picture perfect ! I did't have enough water though so I rode on and there was after 800 meters St Patricks river ! "river" was 5 meters wide with clean crystal clear water, good enough for me to fill my waterbottles and return to this great camp site I found.
So that evening I made another campfire and ... I can proudly say that that night I became a master in bbq-ing marrsmallows ! Brown and crispy on the outside, hot, sweet, soft and pink on the inside, just the way I like it !
Sitting there in the middle of nowhere, a million stars above me was really something special...I think I never saw more stars in my life than on that evening !

An easy ride next day, only 40 km, brought me in Launceston. Needed to wash my clothes so took a backpackers hostel.
Tomorrow cycle back to Davenport and the the ferry again, back to Melbourne.

And, with a little more than a month to go and only a thousand km to Sydney and after hearing many people ask : " arre you going to Byron Bay as well ? " I checked it out on my map. Only 800 km north of Sydney ! So my new plan is now to cycle to Sydney, take a bus from there to Byron bay or maybe even Brisbane ( another 200 km north ) and the cycle back along the coast to Sydney, sounds great huh ?!?

Have to go now, I want to walk cataract gorge here in Launceston and also have to go the supermarket, with 4.00 pm on the clock a busy afternoon ;-)

Greetings !

Ha die Lars,

Wie ver reist kan veel verhalen!!!



Ha die lars!!!

Leuk om al die verhalen eens te lezen en WAT heb jij allemaal meegemaakt zeg!!! WOW!!!!!
echt super!!!

hopelijk spreken we elkaar weer wanneer je weer een keerjte langs rotterdam fietst ;)

sorry voor mijn lange afwezigheid, ben echt bizar druk geweest met mijn nieuwe baan! maar nu wel redelijk ingebaant weer daarin!

hier nog eventjes de foto uit thailand man!!!

Dat was echt een hele toffe tijd hoor! heb het erg naar me zin gehad!

hopelijk gaat alles verder ok met je!
en als je het voor elkaar krijgt.. moet je me effe een mailtje sturen man!!

Deze had jij gemaakt voor mij! en is ook aardig goed gelukt hoor!!


Greets mate!

lars de wit schreef:Hello hello !

What happened last week ?
Well, not much, visited Erawan N.P. where an beautifull waterfall is, great mountains also !
Day after stroked some tigers in the Tiger Temple !
Yeah, you could really touch them, how nice it was !
The tigers in this park were brought here by locals who found them when they were young, their mother killed by poachers. This monk just raised them so the tigers were very used to humans. It was also possible to get on a foto with a tigers head in your lap, but that costed 20 euro so I skipped that. But it was great walking among these amazing animals. They were hooked to the ground bu a 2 meter long chain so they couldn't run away but it still was great ! Probably the only place on the world where you can do this !

From this Tiger Temple I cycled in 2 long days 248 km to Hua Hin at the coast, where I am now. It is a little cloudy so no swimming, yet. Beach isn't very pretty also so the swimming and cocktails drinking under palmtrees have to wait.
Further south it is supposed to get more and more beautifull !
Look forward to visit some nice islands, one of them Ko Phi Phi Leh I think is the island where the film ' The Beach ' was filmed...
And I am going there !!!!
Great huh !

But now I am going back to my guesthouse which is located on a pier above the ocean, the waves rolling beneath my bed, yeah, Thailand isn't that bad !

Oh, op veler verzoek maar een keer een fotootje, genomen door een rotterdammer, Fer, bij de bridge over the river kwai. Hij is handiger dan ik met fotootjes op de computer zetten ;-)

Adios amigos, haste luego !
ha lars, wat zie ik nu? geen foto ;) haha
ik zal um wel effies neerzetten hoor! :)


Hey Lars,

Wat een bevoorrecht mens ben jij!! Fijn dat we mogen meegenieten aan deze kant van het beeldscherm.

Als je toch in Byron bay langs gaat, Xavier Rudd staat er op een festival 20 Maart:

Hey Lars,

Wat een bevoorrecht mens ben jij!! Fijn dat we mogen meegenieten aan deze kant van het beeldscherm.

Als je toch in Byron bay langs gaat, Xavier Rudd staat er op een festival 20 Maart:

Gaat iets nie goe...

Nog een keer dan:

Hey Lars,

Wat een bevoorrecht mens ben jij!! Fijn dat we mogen meegenieten aan deze kant van het beeldscherm.

Als je toch in Byron bay langs gaat, Xavier Rudd staat er op een festival 20 Maart: