Lars Goes Australia's


He mister Peacock, waar is je hoed?

Roald schreef:Gaat iets nie goe...

Nog een keer dan:

Hey Lars,

Wat een bevoorrecht mens ben jij!! Fijn dat we mogen meegenieten aan deze kant van het beeldscherm.

Als je toch in Byron bay langs gaat, Xavier Rudd staat er op een festival 20 Maart:
Das idd super leuke muziek...
mischien kan je ook een keer naar missy higgins gaan als je daar zin in hebt.. :) al weet ik niet waar ze speelt, maar je kan het denk ik wel aan iedere ozzie vragen.. :)


Ha die Lars!

Wat is met je hoed gebeurt???

Hey ferry, john, roald, bert en alle anderen natuurlijk !
Fer doen we, een biertje drinken in het rotterdamse ;-)
Bedankt voor de tip roald !
Oh ja john, mijn t shirt van jullie gekregen draag ik nog steeds met trots !
Tja bert, vergeten die dag ....

Maar nu ff int engels, oke ?

G'day !!!

I maybe have said it before but I love this country !
From the moment I cycled out of Darwin to Ayers Rock, which was one of the greatest routes I ever cycled, I loved it !
I love all the kanaries and parrots flying around.
I love the strange sounds of the bush ... ( are it parrots those strange sounds, I think so ! )
I love the people of Australia, always asking hello, how are you doing ? It seems a little bit more warm then back home ...
I love the space, the relaxed traffic, things like that !
The day I left Launceston Backpackers the guy of the office, who was really funny by the way, came out and gave me a big hug ! I do not know why he said, sometimes it just feel it's right ! So I left with a big smile on my face, feeling good.
I reached Davenport at 1700 hours after an horrible day, strong headswinds made me say words I will not repeat, my good mood from that morning blown away ...
I planned to take the next mornings ferry back to Melbourne but the day time boats only sail at weekends the nice lady told me... So I booked for that evenings nightboat.
Standing outside with a ferry ticket in my pockets I had a chat with a man. He said something like you really get to know yourself on a long trip like mine and I had to agree ...
Thinking the day over I wasn't to happy with myself ...

That night on board of the ferry saw this great movie, Queen Elizabeth who inspired me with her strenght to try to change myself...
Not cursing anymore if the wind is bad all day, it doesn't help ( much hi hi ), makes you only feel more miserable.

So the next four days in which I cycled to Lakes Entrance I had many opportunities to test myself and ..... sofar so good !
Even feel a little proud on myself :-)

So from here I move on, both good ways ...

I cycle to Orbost, from Cann River up north to Bombala, then to the coast again to Merimbula and Batemans Bay. Then into the mountains again to Canberra ! From there I'll see.

Have to now, running out of time !

With Love,

G'day !

So I cycled this beautifull road through the mountains all the way to Canberra.
I changed my plan again and didn't go to the coast, not yet.
Many people told me this road wasn't great but iy was ! Cycling through these rolling mountains, yellow coloured because of the dry grass on them and topped with amazing trees. Above those the kanaries and parrots flying and screaming. Yeah, screaming, like you kill a cat ? But beautifull they are !

Canberra wasn't that nice but I also wanted to go here because of the Space Centre which is located just outside Canberra. One of the 3 stations in the world.
They had a piece of the moon which I wanted to see, 3.6 billion years old !
The moon is something special to me also because one of our most famous cyclists in Holland, Frank van Rijn, cycled the distance from earth to the moon, 450.000 km ( +/- )

From Canberra I cycled to Sydney in 4 very hard days, the road here on the mountains kept on going up and down, I was only shifting my gear all the time. I prefer 1 big mountain, climbing for maybe 20 km, no problem. But all day up and down is very ( more ) hard.

But after 23.000 km I can say : I MADE IT !!! All the way from Istanbul to Sydney, YIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it was a great day cycling into Sydney, the sun was shining, the sky blue. The wind in the back, yeah, it was all so good !
And this city is not one of my favorites, no, it is nr 1 !
The location is so beautifull, around the harbour, amazing !
That night I picknicked at harbour point, near the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, enyoing the vieuw.

People say that Rome wasn't build in one day but when I cycled to Rome, my first long distance bicycle trip, my first plan back then was to stay in Rome for a week before flying back home. But in a day I saw all the things I wanted to see and found it a little to busy in the city so I decided to cycle across the mountains to the eastern coast, south for a 100 km and back to rome in 5 or 6 days.

And now is the same.
I have like 2 weeks over and do not want to stay that long in a city so I decide to take the train to Taree, from there cycle to Byron Bay and Brisbane and then take the train back and spend another 2 days here in lovely and great Sydney !

The wheather is still good and so is my mood !
Happy that I made it and loving this country.

Have to go now, I have a train waiting !

See ya !

Hey Mate!

wow seems to be very cool what your all doing there, i am a bit jelous!
wishing i was there in australia myself!

i booked a small weer to Mallorca with my girlfriend tho!:)
something nice to look out to!

have a blast there man!

Greets from the netherlands,

Gday !

How are you doing mate ?
Hi hi I love the way people talk here !

So, yeah, around the world in 60 days, that would have been it if I had cycled 24 hours a day !
But then you don't have time for finding amazing spots to camp.
Or drinking a coopers beer ( or 2 ;-) , stopping for a photograph and have a chat with the locals.
Yesterday I arrived in Byron Bay, after 5 most perfect cycling days.
Sun was shining, around 28 degrees and the wind most of the time in the back.
Rode some amazing roads with almost no cars, following a river or on a gravel road through rolling hills. Australia is doing it's best to give me a hard time.
A hard time because these last days are so nice it makes me a little sad when I think it is almost over ...
Mmmm, can it be to great sometimes ???
Anyway, arriving in Byron Bay, a surfers paradise on the coast.
The owner of this backpackers hostel I reserved was so excited about my travels, all the way from Istanbul on a pushbike, he spontaneously invited me as his guest, giving me back my 30 $. Out of nothing I stumbled : ' but I am staying 2 nights ' and he said : ' okay, but no more then 2 huh !
So I am staying for free !

Today I will go to the beach, have a swim and later go up to the lighthouse from where you can see the dolphins !
That would be great !
I could stay another day here and cycle in 2 days to Brisbane but I think I will leave tomorrow, increasing my cycle days with a full 50 %.
The thought of only sleeping one more time in my tent is just not good enough, have to make it 2 times which is an increase of a 100 %
Very happy with myself and my mathematics I think I will press enter.
And go to the beach !

See you later !

Ha die Lars!

Wanneer ben je weer in NL?



Hai John !
12 april, wanneer gaan jullie weg ?
G'day !

One of my friends asked me why the Australian cities are so nice, well ...
First of all they are clean, no graffity, just neat and well organised.
And the City Gardens are so beautifull and wel maintained, beautifull trees and gras lawns, many picknick spots and banks to sit on. And the banks aren't destroyed by vandalism.
It is all just very peacefull.
And the traffic is also more relaxed; one day I heared somebody blow his horn and I was actually surprised and looked up. Even when you make a mistake in traffic people stay cool and just wait, not blowing their horns. ( which is completely different to many asian cities where they do it all the time ! )
Also, and then I stop, when there is some roadwork and you are supposed to drive 15 km an hour, people actually do it ! Maybe even slower because I pass all the cars on my bike ;-)

So I rode out of Byron Bay on my way to my last big city, Brisbane.
Had one great campsite in a beautifull valley. I think I have a sixth sense for finding them, these camsites. I mean, when I ride on the way and I suddenly look back over my shoulder and see this track, for a long time not used, and a fence which I can open, behind it some beautifull spots to pitch my tent, unseen from the road ... Maybe even a 7 th, 8 th, 9 th and 10 th sense also I sometimes think, all these really amazing spots I did found on my trip !

And a great trip it was, riding almost 24.000 km through 11 countries, making my dream come true.
Met many interesting people, saw how beautifull our mother earth stil is in some places.
From the snow covered mountains in eastern Turkey, through the deserts of Iran and Pakistan, the crowds in India through lovely and beautifull Nepal. From the high mountains of Tibet and China into Laos, a two days rivercruise to Thailand which was easy and very pleasant to bike. The rains and very busy (motor)ways in Malaysia, but also the amazing Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and some great tropical picture perfect islands. The city state of Singapore with all the malls. Again very crowded but beautifull and friendly Indonesia, Java and Bali, and last but not least Australia. Riding trough the outback on the Stuart Highway, maybe 3 cars in an hour. The emptiness ... a route I will never forget.

Maybe when you sat in your chair, reading my stories, your thoughts drifted away, dreaming of your own journeys, your own deserted beaches ...
Maybe I created with my journey some of your dreams.
If so I guess you could say I rode for you, too.
Which I enjoyed very much, that's true ;-)

See ya, have a good one.


Special thanks to Natascha and Tescha with whom I cycled for 6 and 3 weeks and were great company.
My mom, dad and stephmom for doing so many, too much to name it all.
My little sister for giving me some great music.
My big sister for having faith in me ( you know sis, on my first trip to Rome, 10 years ago you gave me this book about Sirius ( a star ) When I sat in Sydney at the harbour, the end of my trip, this ship came sailed by, called .... Sirius
All my friends from de ' Wereldfietser' who gave me : a t-shirt, a dreamcatcher and a little white pigeon, skippy, send me a package to repair my peddal or send me jokes, who inspired me and encouraged me.
All my other friends who supported me with nice e-mails and positive thoughts, when time were hard.

Starring :

cyclist : Lars de Wit
du ( bicycle ) : trek 4300
shoes : mine - merrell
bikes - marathon XR
costume designer : de Hema
hairdresser : gilette mach 3
stunts : Lars de Wit
The australian police for not giving me a ticket when I rode 6000 km through Australia without helmet ;-)

G'day Lars,

when u are home gimme a call will ya?

you got my number in your mail.. :)
have a save trip home!

Will talk soon again dude!


Gday mates !

This is really the last mail out of australia, for know ;-)
This day spend all morning cycling in Sydney, Darling Harbour, The Opera house, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Botanical gardens, it all is really great !
Took a ferry to manly beach, also not too bad.
Yesterday slept in a hostel in Bondi beach, a lovely beach just 7 km from the centre of the city.

And I forgot to tell you what happened with skippy !
Well, skippy and I became such good friends that I couldn't leave her alone here in australia.
Also, the little aboriginal girl which was in my mind to give skippy to, well, I never saw her.

And this morning ...
This morning I met a woman, 50 years from India, just outside my room.
I was with my bicycle and we chatted a little and she gave me her e-mail adres and I gave her mine. Then she asked when I was born, I said in june and she asked again, when ? So I said, well, the end of june. She looked at me with those strong eyes and said : ' you are going to travell all over the world, see all continents'.

Leaving me with a big smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Lars is back in the country !

Welcome back Lars.

I am curious about any lectures to be given like the one from Whisky, so we could enjoy in Dutch. :)

Inderdaad Lars is back in town!!!
Wederom met hoed, volle bepakking en nog net zo relaxt.

Groet, Rena :wink:
Heb de hele zondagmiddag alle berichtjes van deze trip gelezen.....en ik was als trots op mijn 420 km Zuiderzeeroute fietstocht :shock:

Bedankt, je verhalen zijn een grote inspiratie!