Salaam aleikum !

So, where were we ?
Ah yes, on this yellow road to ...Road ?
Mule track !
Mule track ? I think when you travel there with mules you have to carry them sometimes, that s how bad this track was ...

But I was climbing out of this gorge and actually reached the end.
A wide valley in front of me, in the distance even a house !
Civilisation !
Hope returned and glad I made it this far I stopped for some bread, 2 days old but when you are hungry it tastes not that bad.
A couple of km further I reached this house and since I was riding this early morning with only 1 1/2 liter of water left I asked for some water and the way to Bleda.That way the friendly man said, only 8 km.
And Tazenakht I asked hopefull ?
From Bleda you go right, 90 km.
So there is a road to Tazenakht I asked ?
O yes he said and I was very happy !
He even invited me for food but as I had just eaten I thanked him very much and moved on.
When I reaches some more houses I asked where the centre of the village was.
Here one man said.
Here ?
Yes here.( remember the little boy speaking of a big city like Zagora ? )
5 houses ...But one shop and there I could buy some milk for my breakfast next morning ( they sell cornflakes here !!! , so much better then old bread ... ) , an onion and tomato and a can of fisch for my dinner, together with some garlic and macaroni and olives, mjammie !I can eat it every day and so I did for the last 3 1/2 weeks when I camped ;-)
But my gladness didn t last long, the wind blew it out of my head, together with my eyeballs and brains ... Djee, how strong, how crazy strong this wind was ... After another 40 km I decided to quit for today and made camp in a tiny gorge, out of the wind !

Made camp, washed myself, drank a beer, ate some nuts, cooked my dinner, made coffee and ate cookies, smoked a cigarette and went to bed for some reading...

Next day the wind was still crazy strong so after 2 hours I decided to go for a lift.It took me another 15 km orso untill a truck picked me up and brought me all the way to Taliouine. My old plan to cycle a dirt road from Anezal to Aoulouz over this 2500 meter pass washed away, together with rain and snow ...
Yeah, weather was bad.
So I couldn t cycle that dirt road for sure.
Some other time ;-)

Next day on the road again in light rain to the beginning of the Tiz-n-Test pass, over the Atlas again.And on that road I met Dirk again !I met Dirk, a dutch cyclist who is cycling around the mediteranean and is a really nice guy, when I left Marrakesh, 3 weeks ago and had a long chat with him that time.So we did this time and he asked which route I have cycled and how it was.I told him everything, also the last yellow road, mule track.He looked on his Michellin map and on his map it shoowed that it was a dirt track and it also showed ...Yes, Bleda !!!Acyually written as Bleida but on his map it was, exactly the route I followed !So I was all the way on the right track, but nobody could tell me over there ...After changing e mail adresses we wished each other safe and happy travels, he went east, me west.
I climbed the beginning of the Tiz-n-Test pass and camped at 1300 meters in this lovely forest. Gathered some wood and made a nice little campfire that night, drinking some whiskey and smoked the last part of my cuban cigar. even in very light rain I had a great time !

Next morning non stop to the top, in 2 hours 800 altitude meters.I felt really strong !On the top some light rain again so I stopped at this restaurant where they had a nice fire so I could dry my clothes. In the meantime ate a omelett and drank thee and played with this little funny cat, he looked so much like mine, with the biting and playing, a lovely little cat indeed...

So now I am in Marrakesh again where I went to my hotel where I left my carton bicycle box 4 weeks ago but ....
The stupid *ù^$&ç"é_'-' owner of this hotel had thrown it away !!!
And I told him so very clear 4 weeks ago that I would return and pick it up !But gone it was so very angry I left to another hotel.

The Tiz-n-Test pass is by the way so beautifull !
Had a great 2 days ride to Marrakesh.

And that s the end of it my friends,

Untill we meet again :-)