One man, One bike, One leg, Six States

veel plezier Lars

Wat heerlijk dat je weer op pad bent! En ik geniet weer van je verhalen. Ga zo door!
Ha Lars,

Mooi verhaal! Weer gauw schrijven he!!!!
Friday I had a beautiful ride out of Monument, did some shopping in Long Creek, cycled 20 km to the north and then rode the scenic ' highway ' 20 to the east. Following the John Day River Middle Fork upstream it was a gorgeous ride ! I see many animals : deer, dead snakes on the road and today a living one just in front of me, hawks, eagles, vultures, beautiful collored birds and so on. And today a big cat, he jumped into the bushes and ran away. It was a big cat, a really Big cat ! Much bigger then the small cats we have at home. Not as big as the big cats in Africa ofcourse, smaller then those but bigger than our small cats ! Okay, lets say 2 1/2 feet long and the size of a pumpkin. Not a really big pumpkin but a middle one. Mmm, maybe not that clear. The size of a footbal ! He he, finally getting somewhere but I still not know what kind of a cat it was. My first thought was a small, sorry, young mountain lion but his hair was a little longer I think and his colour more red. A lynx maybe ? I do not know but it was great to see it ! Later that night, sitting in my tent next to the river a little bird scared the shit out of me, suddenly a loud TRRRRR right in front of me, 3 feet away. It was a green coloured kolibri, hanging absolutely still in the air, looked at me and flew away. The little basterd scared me for a split second but was beautiful !

Had a great ride to Hell's Canyon where I crossed Snake River and met some other cyclists as well, doing the same route so I met Greg allready twice !
Leaving the campground at the Oxbow dam I cycled north to a tiny road over the mountains.
At the campground I asked which route the other cyclist were taking, the 71 first going south and then join the 95 north.
Now I know why ...
I reached this tiny road, the shortcut, I saw it was a gravel road so I released some air out of my tubes, more comfortable.
But when I drove up this path I saw the first very steep hill, way over 10 % !
On a rocky road ...
No way I could cycle this ( in my good days yes but now it seemed to dangerous because when I have to stop I have to lean over to the left and put that foot on the ground; on a road like this this was way to tricky ! )
So, for the first time I think in my cycling career I had to turn around, grrrr
But better safe then sorry, right ;-)

Now I am in Pollock, my clothes are in the dryer so I am about to leave.
Just had a great breakfast with 4 eggs and a donut.
80 cents the nice lady in the campground shop said.
' only 80 cents I asked ' ?
Yeah, I didn't charge you for the eggs she said ( normally they go by the dozen )
And you have to know, America is expensive, crazy !
5 dollars for a bread, 1 dollar for an onion .... And a dollar allmost equals a euro ...
But I can see what an egg will cost you she said and began counting on her computer.
I should have kept my mout shut I said and she smiled at me, worth the extra 80 cents she charged me :-)

Tonight I hope to be in Kooskia, need to get a ride for that, my days are a little short and I am trying to reach Salt Lake City by bike. It's only a 60 miles cheat ;-)

You all have a good one !

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Mooi verhaal Lars!

Een mens moet zijn grenzen kennen en jij hebt je grenzen geleerd!!!
To catch a ride out of Pollock failed, I tried it for an hour or so but nobody stopped.
Thank God.
Because I didn't know the route to White Bird was so magnificent !
And the next morning the climb over a mountain over Old Route 95 was stunning as well.
Boy Idaho is pretty ! But Oregon was as well !
On route 13 next to a small river I stopped to take a few photographs when a woman walked over to me, having a little chat. Then she gave me a mango, mjammie ! And if I would two bottles of water as well ? ' No m'am thanks, water I have enough but thank you very much for the mango '! Nice lady !

A few kilometers down the road I saw this ' car graveyard '
Now you have to know I collect number plates from cars.
I usually find them on the road, well, on the shoulder. I have been looking for the Oregon one without succes sofar. The Idaho one as well, no luck yet.
But I really want the Idaho one; it is red on top, white in the middle and blue at the bottem, the colours of the Dutch flag !!!
So when I saw this car graveyard I stopped and went looking for the owner.
An old grey man showed up. ' hello sir, are you the owner ?'
'Yes' he said.
' Ah great well, I collect number plates sir and am looking for one out of Idaho, maybe you can help me ?'
' I must have one' he said, ' somewhere here on the ground'
He shuffled a bit with his stick and yes, there it was !
He handed it over to me and began to speak : ' that goddamn nigger there in the White House, ruining our country !'
' Ehh, excuse me sir ?'
' That goddamn nigger of an Obama !' He shouted.
' Oh, you mean the President sir ?'
' Yes ' he barked, ' goddamn son of a bitch, and he even is a muslim '
' Oh' I replied, ' thought he was a christian ?'
' If he stood there on that hilltop, I'll shoot him right of !' ' I have a gun you know !' he said.
Oh ... but ... isn't it illegal to shoot the President ? I was about to ask but then decided against
it. It wouldn't help. And besides I stood there with this wanted Idaho number plate in my hands and didn't want to get into a fight. Then he began to speak and barke over other people so I thanked him very much for the plate and left quickly ;-)

Later that night I had several laughs in my tent over this grumpy old man :-)

Next day I followed Lochsa River upstream up to Powell, where I am right now, camping in front of Lochsa Lodge for free ! So I thought I can have a nice beer tonight at the bar, sending this email AND have a nice hamburger at the restaurant !

Sounds like a plan to me ;-)

Cheers !

Ps : if the FBI or NSA has read this as well, I really think the old man didn' mean it ;-)
lars de wit schreef:Ps : if the FBI or NSA has read this as well, I really think the old man didn' mean it ;-)
:D Goed te lezen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt! In Colorado had ik vergelijkbare ervaringen; een onwaarschijnlijk mooi landschap met allerlei onwaarschijnlijke figuren om praatjes mee te maken. Heerlijk fietsland :)
Ha, mooie verhalen, blijf het volgen. Veel plezier.
He Lars!
Geniet ervan, het 'fietsen nieuwe stijl'! Je klinkt alsof je het al helemaal onder de knie hebt, fantastisch gedaan!
Have fun,
Yo Lars!
Super om te lezen dat je weer op fietsreis ben! Goed bezig!
You can't keep a good man down, as they say.
Leuke verslagen vanuit een (te) gekke land.
Heel veel plezier, ride on en enjoy.
Lars, maak er een mooi avontuur van in Amerika ! Alleen nog even langs een medische hulpmiddelen zaak voor een opvouwbare lichtgewicht toiletstoel.......

Ben & Ingrid
Black bear, Brown picknicktable and a White Lars ...

Pitching my tent at Jenny Lake campground I heared some children shouting all the time.
' Ho way hair !'
What are they doing I thought, keep it quiet !
' Go away hair !' It kept going ...
Now I listed a bit better and heared they were shouting : ' Go away bear !'
BEAR ???
I listened even better and yes, they were definately shouting ' Go away bear !!!'
Yeah, right .... As if you could chase away a bear by shouting ' now go away you naughty bear !'
But they kept shouting so I decided, curious as I was, to have a look ...
I grabbed my camera and walked over, it was just behind some bushes where I just pitched my tent.
I saw a woman in between the trees, not children, wearing a safetyjacket and a walkie talkie.
' Eh, mam ?'
' MAM !?'
For a split second she looked at me and I asked: ' Is there a bear ?'
' Yes' she said.
' I am camping right behind here mam, am I safe here ?'
' Yes' she said, ' go back to your tent and put all your food in the bear box'
' Oke ' I said and when I walked back to my tent I saw the bear in the bushes, 50 metes away from me.
. !!!
Now I know not to run away from any animal but it was ' far ' away and I followed my instinct and ran, oke, quick-walked to my tent and climbed on top of a picknick table.
Just in time, here came the bear, right towards me !
I shoot some pictures but the bear kept on coming, right to where I was standing !
10 meters away now ...
Two rangers behind the bear, chasing it away ...
5 meters ....
' Mam, I am disabled you know, I can not do anything !'
My eyes were fixed on the bear, no time for pictures anymore ... ( wouldn't be good pictures anyway, a bit shaken I was ... )
The bear so close !
4 meters ...
' Mam ?!?'
' You will be fine sir !
In the mean time I grabbed my 25 % ammonia bottle and opened it ( it can spray but only a short distance, like a meter ... But some americans I met 12 years ago gave me this tip, ' It can knock a bear down' they said and since then I carry this little bottle with me.
The bear tried to climb a tree, right next to me but decided against it and ran away.
PFFF !!!!
Close call !!!
A bit shaked I climbed of the table ...
For weeks I am telling everyone I really want to see a bear, now I saw one and even smelled it ;-)
Great experience, like the elephants in Botswana !

The rest of the afternoon and evening I was very alert, looking at everything in my surrounding that moved or little sounds I heared ...

Next morning there was a huge deer grazing 10 meters from my tent, completely confident !

The days before were great as well, cycling for three days in Yellowstone NP.
Saw many bisons, in the fields, on the road and in the picknick area where I just stopped to have a lunch. Unloading my bike I saw a huge bison comíng out of the bushes.
And one more...
And many more !
They walked 7 meters away from me, a littlle close but there was this toilet I was standing next to and could hide in if a bison would charge me. It was a pretty sight, saw calves as well and some really big older ones, protecting the calves.

The day after I saw many more, blocking the road. When they were just of the road I decided to move on but just when I started to paddle a few tried to cross the road again, saw me ( at 5 meters, even a blind one would have seen me ;-) ) and were a little afraid of me ( so was I ) They jumped of the road and I coulde cycle on, close call !

Yellowstone is full of geysers and Old Faithfull is the most known and highest one. In the past it erupted every hour I think and very punctual. Now it is 1 hour and 20 minutes, plus or minus 10 minutes. So me and a couple of hundred other tourists sat there and waited.
It smoked all the time but when it really started the smoke and water came out high !
Great !
Not as high as I expected and hoped for though.
When I walked back to my bike a couple I spoke earlier said it was a bit disapointing.
' It is different any eruption ' the man said, ' maybe next one is much better !'
So I decided to wait a little longer, dried my tent in the meantime, ate second breakfast and went over for a second round.
Much better !
The water spraying 30 meters high, the smoke like a hundred meter !
Wauw !!!!
Awesome :-)
Glad I waited for a second eruption.

Now on my way to Jackson, where tomorrow morning I have to take a bus to Salt Lake
City, not enough days to cycle it all. If I only booked my flight one day later I could have cycled it all the way. Now I fly back on sunday and I need to fix a bicycle box in a bicycle shop so I have to be there saturday. Such a shame ... It is so great here ! One day later .... Ahhh, but that is looking a bison up his , well, never mind ;-)

Hope I see another bear on the road, a Grizzly this time.
But not that close !!!

Cheers !
Whoeaa; ongetemde oude kerels, beren, bizons en geizers. Je weet je ze wel op te zoeken zeg! En .... heelhuids voorbij te komen. Ook niet onbelangrijk ;-)
Wat een avonturen zeg. Je hebt een fantastische schrijfstijl, ik zie het helemaal voor me. Bedankt dat je dit met ons wilt delen. Wat jammer dat het er al weer bijna op zit. En goeie vlucht terug.
Altijd leuk om wat van je te lezen. Mooie reis verder.
Ook hier gelachen genoten van je trip.
I have enjoyed reading your story about your trip Lars!!! Guess by now you are home again!!! When are you coming to the East coast of Amerika? Liefs van je nicht Hilda in Florida :wink: